Add a new template

Ewisoft Website Builder gives you the ability to apply a template and template styles to your entire site and even multiple templates throughout your website. This will ensure you maintain a consistent and professional look and feel when a user moves from one page to another. This makes an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors.



Our premium website templates come with different styles. Different templates may offer a different number of styles. Here is an example of a template with 5 styles:

vg016: home page style

vg016-left-column: editable area on the left

vg016-right-column: editable area on the right

vg016-simple: no extra editable areas, just simple

vg016-three-column: editable area on left and right

Home Page Style

Left Column Style

Right Column Style

Simple Style

Three Column Style



Ewisoft Website Builder is a template-powered website builder which means it depends on a template to be used for your website. It also allows for other powerful functions such as when you add a page, you can also add a navigation link at the same time. It also is a safeguard against non-technical users who are editing pages and might break the page’s look and feel.

There are a variety of ways to find the perfect template for your website:

Option 1 – Ewisoft Website Builder is packaged with templates to choose from.

Option 2 - You can visit the Library to download a template ready to plug into your website.

Option 3 – You can build your own templates using Ewisoft Template Maker. HTML and CSS knowledge is required.

Option 4 – You can do a Google search for "free website template" and download one you that like. Then you can convert the template using Ewisoft Template Maker.

Option 5 – You can hire a web designer to either build you a template from scratch (per your specifications) or build you a template based on a downloaded template you found on the web. They may even help guide you through the entire web building process.


  1. To add a template to your website select the Templates menu and select Add Template.

  1. Browse your computer to where the template (tpl, ewt, ews) file is, select it and click Open.

  1. Select the template on the left side and click Next at the bottom.

  1. Some template information will be shown to you with information and who created it.

Template Name – The name of the template.

Template Creator – The person or company that created the template.

Template Levels – The number of navigations this template has built-in. Usually you will have a top navigation and left side navigation which is a 2 level design.

Template Type - Tells you if it is a trial template or standard template used for publishing.

Note: You may ask our support to add more levels by emailing us at

  1. Click OK.