Add keywords to your website meta data

There are a few different ways you can add search engine meta data to your pages inside Ewisoft Website Builder. This page describes how to add keywords at a high level on your website. We also have other help topics to help you through optimizing your pages on a page-by-page basis.

Adding keywords to your website will increase your search engine rankings and will enable visitors to find your website easier.

Due to abuse by many Web sites in the past, search engines have reduced the importance of the keywords meta tag when ranking a Web page for keyword relevance. Many search engines have actually decided to not consider the keywords tag altogether. While it has been reduced in significance, it is still a helpful meta tag to include in your Web pages.


  1. From the Site menu, select Website Setup.

  1. Click the Advanced button.

  1. Enter your keywords and keyword phrases separated by commas and click OK.

Static navigation – This function is not related to keywords at all. If Static navigation is selected, then your navigation links will appear the same on all pages.

If Static navigation is not selected, then you can have different navigation links on each page. This is dependent on the way you build your pages – if they are Child pages or parent pages.

See also Create a static or dynamic navigation

You can also add the same meta data on a page by page basis.

  1. Right click on Page and select Properties.

  1. Click Advanced.

  1. Enter your keywords and keyword phrases separated by commas and click OK.

See also Search engine optimization methods.