Advanced page properties

  1. To change the properties of a page you can either select Properties from the Page menu or right click on your page and select Properties.

Page Name – Enter the name of the page as you wish it to appear in the navigation menu. In other words a short name of the page.

File Name – If you wish to create this page with a particular name, you may do so. If you leave this field blank, Ewisoft Website Builder will automatically assign a page name for it.

Page Title – Enter the title of the page as you would like it to appear in the browser window title. In other words a long name for the page.

Open in new window – Checkmark this if you want this page to launch into a new browser window. Typically, this is not checked as your website pages should open in the same browser window.

Title - This is the same title as the Page Title on the previous screen.

Keywords - You can specify keywords and keyword phrases for this page.

Description - You can enter a description for this page.

Not using templates – If you do not want to use your website template for this particular page, you can checkmark this. Your page will not contain any navigation menus or logos etc.

Not using menus – If you wish to add a new page and not have it show as a navigation menu link you can checkmark this option.

Using Server ScriptDefault uses whatever the Website Setup uses. Always means to always use server side script regardless of what is in the Website Setup. Never means to not use server side scripting on this page.

Browser window title