Advanced picture properties

You can update your image properties as well as automatically create a thumbnail of your image.


  1. To edit a picture or go to the image properties, select your picture and click the Picture  button on the toolbar.

File – This is where you can browse for your picture.

Alt – This is where you can place a name for the image. This is especially useful for search engines because search engines look for image alt tags which will increase your ranking.

Border – This specifies the thickness of the border. Enter "0" for no border, "1" for thin border.

Align – This specifies how you would like to align the picture beside your text.

Normal tab

  • Width – The width of your image.

  • Height – The height of your image.

  • Reset – If you have changed the width or height, you can click reset to bring back the original specifications of the image.

  • Fixed rate – Keep this selected so that if you change the width, the height will change in ratio. This is so that you don't make your picture look skewed or blurry.

Thumbnail tab – To create a thumbnail, change the width or height to a smaller number.

  • Open Picture in New Window – You can select whether you want the larger image to open into a new window or not to.