Edit content in a template editable region

If the template allows for it, meaning, if the designer of the template built it this way, you can swap out images, update side-bars and put in your own advertising and news links.

This example below is using template number vg010 from our template Library.



  1. Click the editable region you would like to update.

  2. This should launch your editor depending on if you are using the internal editor or an external editor.

  1. Insert your new content. This example shows that I am inserting a new image into that spot. You can also put in text and links.

  2. Click Save and the View tab at the bottom of the Ewisoft screen.

You will see your new content.

  1. If you don't see the editable area you wish to edit, sometimes you can find the image or picture inside the template itself or style sheet.

  2. In this example we will use template number rj232 from our template Library. We will change the picture with something else.

  3. Click the Set Font Styles button.

  1. Select the style called mainpict and you will see there is a Background Image specified.

  2. Click Browse and select your new picture and click OK.

You will see your new picture inserted into the template.