Edit your content in a table

Tables are useful when you want to line things up on your page side by side. In this example we will add a picture of a product on the left side of our page and text on the right side.


  1. To insert a picture in the left side of the table, place your cursor within the cell.

  2. click the Picture button on the toolbar.

  1. Select a picture on your computer and click Open.

  1. Your picture will be displayed.

  2. Place your cursor in the next cell to the right of the picture.

  1. Start typing your text or paste text that you copied from a document.

  2. As you start typing you may notice a couple things. The cell starts to stretch to accommodate what you are typing and the text may appear in a different font than what you may have setup in the Font Styles. Just hit the Enter key and a paragraph tag <p> will be placed into your table and your font will appear normal. In the below example, the text will get smaller.