Field properties


Text and Object – Is to have both the text and the field object visible.

Text and Object Text – The name of your field.

Object Name – A short name for the field name. Do not put spaces or special characters.

Only Text – Only to show text without a field object.

Only Object – Only to show the field object and not the text part.

Input Box

  • One line input – For a regular field with Text and Object.

  • Password input – To create a field that will show dots when typed into.

  • Multi-line textarea – To create a wider and longer field so a user can type in multiple lines of text.

Single Selection – To create a field where a user can only select only one out of many choices.

  • Radio – radio button style

  • Popup menu – dropdown style

  • List – open box style

Multiple Selection – To create a field where a user can select many of many choices.

  • Checkbox – checkbox style

  • Multiple List – open box style

Button – To create a button on your form.

  • Submit button – to send the data

  • Reset button – to clear the users form so they can start over

  • Button – smaller size plain button