I get an error when I try to publish my website

In the publish setup screen there is a Test this account button. Clicking this button will publish a test page to your server. This test page is called test-page-published-by-ewisoft-website-builder.htm


If this test page cannot be seen by going to http://www.yoursite.com/test-page-published-by-ewisoft-website-builder.htm please contact your web hosting provider to ask them why you are not able to see this test page that was published to your server.

a) Check your computer to see if a firewall is blocking the connection to the Internet.

b) If your domain is new it may take up to 72 hours to establish a proper connection. Try again later.

c) Check to see if you are using the correct FTP settings from your web hosting company.

d) Leave the "Web folder" field blank and click "Test this account" to see if it can find it.

e) Try to publish again later when your web host is less busy.

If you still receive this error message below, please contact your web hosting provider to ask them what your web folder is supposed to be. If they gave you a web folder and it is still not working when you click the Test this account button, then they did not provide you with the correct web folder. Clear the Web folder field and click the Test this account button and Ewisoft Website Builder will search for your web folder. If EWB cannot find the folder, please contact your web hosting provider to help you locate the proper web folder.

The requested URL/testpage published by Ewisoft WB was not found on this server.


Another option you can try is to install an FTP program to connect to your server. When you connect to your server, look for your web folder. You can find your web folder if you can locate a welcome.html, index.html, default.html or some other similar type of web page file. Once you find this file, you can look at the top where your FTP shows folders and use that directory as your web folder.