I want to download this project from the Internet

You can receive or download an online backup that was made by the Master or Designer, given you have already been setup as shown in the I want to share my project topic.

Note: As a precautionary measure to using this function, be sure to select Backup when online download as an extra safeguard in saving the current website you are working on. There you can also select an Auto Backup Folder where this backup will be stored on your local computer. If you don't select it now, you will be asked if you want to select it later.


  1. From the Publish pull-down, select Online Sharing Wizard.

  1. Select I want to download this project from the Internet and click Next.

  1. Insert the Download URL that would have been given to you from your webmaster or other web designer and click Next.

  1. Select Yes, restart it now and click Finish.

  1. When Ewisoft Website Builder restarts, it will check for a newer version of the website. If it found a newer version, you will be prompted with a screen to download it.

  1. Click OK and the website will be automatically downloaded.

If you do not know your backup URL and you need to restore your website from the Internet because your computer crashed and you lost your website from your computer you can download your website. You will need your web hosting server FTP information in order to setup this screen.

  1. Run Ewisoft and select Download my website from the Internet and click OK.

  1. Enter a new name for your website project and click Next.

  1. Select I know the FTP settings and click Next.

  1. Enter your FTP settings and click OK. Ewisoft will start searching for the latest backup file on your server.

  1. It will find your latest backup file and prompt you to download it. Click OK.