Import page

You can import a web page into Ewisoft Website Builder if it was built from another editor or outside source. You can import .htm and .html pages into Ewisoft.


  1.  From the Page menu, select Import Page.

  1.  Browse and select the htm file you wish to import.

  1. Choose one of the options on how you would like the file to be imported.

Import content only - will look for the middle content to import and not the entire htm page.

Import all HTML - will import all the html, the whole complete page, navigation menus and all.

Keep no formatting - will strip out all the formatting and bring it in as text only format.

Keep all formatting - will keep the formatting

  1. Click Next.

  1. Give it a page name and select where you would like to place this page.
  2. Click OK and your page will show.