Online Website Backup or Online Sharing

Creating an online backup of your website or online sharing can be very useful if you are any of these users:

  1. If you are a web designer who works on your website on multiple computers, you can use this function so that no matter what computer you are using, you can work on the latest version of your website.

  2. If you are a webmaster who has multiple authors or designers working on the same website, you can use this function. Your designers can make changes to the website but only you, as the master, can publish changes to the Internet. This will allow you to check the changes first before they are made to the web.

  3. If you are a beginner web designer and would like some help from another web designer, you can use this function. If you are in need of assistance or don't have the time to do a job on your website, you can share your website with a support person. You have control over any changes that are made because only you would be the webmaster with the ability to publish the changes made to your website live to the web.

Create an online backup of your website

I want to share my project

I want to download this project

I want to stop sharing this project

I want to stop downloading this project

Online backup or sharing example

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