Online backup or online sharing setup

If you choose not use the Wizard to guide you through the setup, you can go straight to the Online backup or Online sharing screen.


  1. From the Site menu, select Online Sharing Setup.

  1. Make your selections and click OK.

Share Mode:

    • Not Share - Not to use the online backup function.

    • Master - Select this if you are the webmaster who will be publishing changes live to the web.

    • Designer - Select this if you are the designer who will only publish changes to the online backup. This selection will not make any updates to the web.

Share File Name - Enter the name of your backup.

Tell your friends Download URL - This is the file that the online backup will go to. Give this URL to your other users that will share this website project.

Download this project from Internet - Checkmark this if you want to have EWB check for a later version of the website and download it to your computer.

Download URL -Enter the full URL name of the other person's backup file. This is the file that will be checked if your designer has made an update to the website.

  1. Click the Publish button to initiate the online backup.

If you are Mode: Master, your browser will launch with your updated website like it normally would when you publish changes to the web.

If you are Mode: Designer, you will see this message that the online backup has been successfully published.