Password protect page

Create pages that you wish to password protect from the public. You can create multiple Groups of users. This is useful if you have a set of pages that only one group of public users are allowed to access and then you can create another set of pages for another group of public users to access.

Create multiple usernames and passwords for these public users or you can create one username and password for all public users to share and use to access the pages.


  1. In the left window, select Password.

  2. In the right window, select Click here to edit the usernames and passwords.

  1. You can add groups of users too if you wanted to manage mulitple sets of usernames. Select Click here to manage Groups of passwords , enter the group name and how many users you would like to create. You can also add more users later. Just add the number of users you wish to create now.

  2. Click OK.

  1. Place your cursor in the field and start typing in the usernames and passwords.

  2. Click OK.

  1. Now that you have created your users, you will need to select the pages you wish to protect and apply the password protect function on them.

  2. Right click on a page you want to protect and select Password.

  1. Select Yes that you would like to protect this page.

  2. If you created more than one Groups, select the User Group from the dropdown box.

  3. You can select to also protect the sub pages as well.

  4. Click OK.

  5. You can only test this once you have published your website to the Internet. The reason is because the pages will be coded in PHP and in order to see it work, your web hosting provider would need to have PHP capability on your account.