Publish your website to the Internet

After you have previewed your website and tested all the links, you are ready to publish the website to the Internet.

Ewisoft Website Builder has smart FTP functionality built-in so you do not need an external FTP program to upload your files to the internet. Also, it has enough intelligence to only upload pages that have been changed or added. You do not need to know where you put your images or download attachment files. It remembers all of that for you.


  1. To configure your publish settings, click the little arrow beside the Publish button and select Publish Setup.

Note: You only have to set this up the first time. Next time you are ready to publish, you can just click the Publish button.



  1. Select I already have a web hosting account and click Next.


  1. Enter your domain name and click Next.

  1. Fill in the fields and click Test.


FTP server – enter your ftp address

FTP username – enter your ftp account username

FTP password – enter your ftp account password

Web folder – you can leave this blank if you like and the Test this account button will find it.


You can go to Advanced Settings for more options.

Note: If you are not sure what your ftp settings are, please ask your web hosting provider or ISP (internet service provider) for the information. If your ISP does not provide web hosting space, you will need to find a web host provider.

  1. Click Test this account. Ewisoft will go through some tests to make sure you have the proper settings and connection. If the connection is successful, click OK.



  1. Now that you are ready to publish to the internet, click the Publish button on the toolbar.

  2. Click OK when you are prompted “Are you sure you want to publish”.

  1. You will see a status bar showing you that the upload is in progress.

Note: The first time you publish, it may take a few minutes or more to complete (on high speed connection). The next time you publish, Ewisoft will recognize to upload only the pages that were updated or added since the last publish. Therefore, the publish will take less time.



See also Advanced FTP settings

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