Select a template

Ewisoft Website Builder gives you the ability to change the look and feel of your website without affecting the content at all.


  1. Select the Templates menu and choose Select Template or you can click the Template  button in the toolbar.

  1. Select a template from the list and click Next. A preview of this template is shown in the right hand side window.




Here is another way of changing a template just for a particular parent page and it's sub-pages.

  1. Right click on a page and select Template


  1. You can choose:


Select a template for this website - will apply the template to all your pages.

Select a template only for this page - will apply the template to one page only.

for all its sub-pages is also - will apply this template to a particular page and all child pages under it.

Note: This is very useful if you have an Introduction home page but wish to have a different template for the rest of your website.


Template Name – The name of the template.

Template Creator – The person or company that created the template.

Template Levels – The number of navigations this template has built-in. Usually you will have a top navigation and left side navigation which is a 2 level design.

Template Type - Tells you if it is a trial template or standard template used for publishing.

Note: You may ask our support to add more levels by emailing us at

  1. Click OK.