Setting up your template

Before you can create or convert your template for Ewisoft Website Builder, you will need to define certain elements to be recognized as editable regions or areas in the template.

Open your favorite HTML editor. You must use an editor outside of Ewisoft Website Builder to get your template ready for Template Maker.

There are 3 parts that you will need to get ready for creating a template.

  1. Create an HTML page - Elements to include in your page are:

Note: you can build as many content, image, and navigation areas as you like.

  1. Create a stylesheet - In order to be able to edit styles from within Ewisoft Website Builder, you will need to create a stylesheet that contains the styles as show in the right side window pane below. Help for building stylesheets can be found by searching on the Internet.

  2. Create a license.txt file - You will also need to create a text file that contains your copyright information about your template. In notepad, create a file called license.txt and fill it with some text about you and your template.


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