Using an external HTML editor

Ewisoft Website Builder has a great internal editor but if you are more comfortable using a different editor to edit your pages you can use almost any HTML editor to edit your pages including popular programs like Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver and FrontPage.

Note: It is not possible for us to test every HTML editor available in the market so please keep that in mind should you come across an unexpected error. We cannot fix errors that happen as a result of using your external editor.

If you do not have a specialized HTML editor, you can use Microsoft Word to edit your pages. You can utilize most of Microsoft Word's powerful formatting capabilities and functions to edit your pages.

Note: Your own copy of Microsoft Word is required to be installed on your computer before you can use it with Ewisoft Website Builder.


  1. From the View menu, select Select default  editor.

  1. You can select either Internal Editor, Microsoft Word or choose another editor program.

  2. Click OK.

  1. If you chose Let me choose the editor program, click Browse to locate your program and click OK.

  1. You should see highlighted areas around the editable areas you wish to edit. If you mouse over an editable area, just click to edit it.





  1. Click the area you would like to edit and your external editor will open the page in another window.

  1. Make your changes. When you are finished your changes, click the Save  button in your external editor

  1. You can either keep your external editor open and flip back to Ewisoft Website Builder or you can close your external editor window.

Note: if you didn't click the Save button, you will be prompted to save your changes.