Add attribute to the display view

If you have created a new attribute in your product table it won't be displayed on your store page until you edit the display view and add it in.

1. In the eCommerce menu, select Grid/List/Detail View.

2. In the fields area, click Add.

Select the information you want to have in your display view.

Type - The type of field you want to add.
Name/Text - The name of the field you want to add.
How to display - Choose how to set the alignment and size (width).
Link to detail - Checkmark this if you want to have the field link to the details view of the product.
In previous field - Checkmark this if you want the field to be lined up in the previous field rather than have it on it's own separate line.
Style - You can change the colors and fonts of the field.
Header Text - Enter the text you want displayed. This can be different from the actual name of your field attribute. You can also change the alignment of the header text. You can change the color and font of the header text.
Special options - Depending on the type of field you choose, different options will be displayed here. You can then configure the special options if you like.