Add products

You can add as many products as you like in your online store.


1. From the eCommerce link in the left windowpane, select add products.


2. Enter the amount of products you wish to add and click OK.


3. Input in the Product ID, Name, Description, Picture and Price of your products.


4. You can add a screenshot of your product by a single click with your mouse on the Picture field.

5. Browse your computer and select a regular size picture of your product.

We recommend you have pictures no larger than 600 pixels wide so that your visitor can easily see your product without having a picture too big to download.

The picture should be large enough to see but small enough that the download time is kept short for your visitor.

Tip: You can add many images quickly by first placing your images into one folder. Then you can browse the first one and Cancel the browse dialog for the second image. Just type their file names or paste them in. All the images will be automatically added.


6. When you are finished adding your products, click OK.


7. Click OK to confirm that you want to add those products.

Tip: You can modify many products at the same time by pressing Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard while clicking with the mouse to select the products you wish to modify. Then, click Modify or Delete to update them all.