Add your store to an external website

If you have a website outside of Ewisoft Website Builder you can still use Ewisoft eCommerce Builder to sell your products, create categories, and shopping carts and add them to your external website.

All that is required is a template editable code on a page from your external website that you would like the store to be displayed on.

1. Open your favorite HTML editor where your website is located and open the page you want to add a shopping cart of products onto.

2. Go into the HTML view of your page and add the following codes:

<!-- TemplateBeginEditable -->
<!-- TemplateEndEditable -->

3. Save the page and open Ewisoft eCommerce Builder.

4. In the Templates menu, select Add Template.

5. Browse and select the page.

6. Click Yes to confirm that you are adding a template into Ewisoft eCommerce Builder.

7. A preview of your page will appear. Click Next.

8. Select if you would like to apply this template to the whole Ewisoft website or just a page. Click Next.

9. Some template information will be displayed. Click OK.

Your page is now ready to add your shopping cart to it.

Proceed to the Add your shopping cart to a page instructions.

Once you have completed adding your shopping cart to the page you can publish the website.

10. You can choose to either Publish to folder or Publish straight to your web hosting server.

Publishing to a folder will generate the pages needed for your shopping cart and you can manually upload the pages and image to your web hosting server.

11. If you want to Publish straight to the server then you may want to make sure you select not to generate an index.htm file so your original home page does not get overwritten.

This screen shows the publish screen where you should uncheck I would like Ewisoft Website Builder to generate the index file for me automatically.