Create a new category

Ewisoft eCommerce Builder will automatically create a default category when you go through the eCommerce Wizard. If you would like to create a new category, here is how.

1. In the eCommerce menu, select Categories.

2. Click Add.

3. Enter a Category Name. Make a selection for how this category should be used.

Which products would you like in this category?

All products - You can add all the products you have in your product table to this category.
I will select them - Manually select the products you wish to add to this category.

How would you like to order these products?

Same order as default - Add the products to this category the same order as they were added in your product table.
I will order them manually - Choose how you wish to order your products manually by moving them up and down in the product list.
Ascending by Attribute - Choose a product attribute to sort them in ascending order.
Descending by Attribute - Choose a product attribute to sort them in descending order.

4. Double click the new category you just created.

5. Choose what you would like to do.

Add new product - You can create brand new products to add to the category.
Add product - You can add a product that already exists in the product table to add to your category.

6. Select the products you would like to add to the category and click OK. Click OK again to confirm.