Create a new shopping cart

By default there is a shopping cart already created from when you use the eCommerce Wizard. You can either modify it or add a new one. This instruction will show you how to add a new one.

1. In the eCommerce menu, select Shopping Cart.

2. Click Add.

3. Enter a Shopping Cart Name and click OK.

4. Select either PayPal Shopping Cart or PayPal Buy Now Button and click Next.

Shopping cart - This will allow a customer to buy more than one product at a time from your store pay for all the products at the end of their shopping.

Buy Now - This will allow a customer to buy one product from your store and it will take them straight to the checkout page.

5. Enter your PayPal email address. This email address is the same as the address you used when you setup your PayPal account. Click Next.

Tip: On the Advanced screen you can add additional types codes if you needed to. You can find out about more advanced shopping cart codes from the PayPal website. In general, you do not need to edit anything in this area. This is for advanced users only.

6. The left side of the screen displays fields to how PayPal recognizes them. The right side of the screen has your attributes that you made for your products. Click Next.

If you don't see a particular Currency for your country to select, you can add the 3 character currency into the Currency field.


7. On the shipping preferences screen, specify whether you require shipping or not.

If you require shipping, select how you would like to calculate the shipping and weight. You can either use PayPal's shipping preferences or you can manually specify the shipping and weight amounts in your products table.

Tip: If you choose to configure in ewisoft you will need to have the attributes already created with your calculations in your product table so that you can select them from the dropdown boxes "is attribute".

8. Select if you would like to use PayPal's add to cart button or if you prefer to use your own button, you can click Browse to select it on your computer.

If you would like to use your own text on a button you can specify the text you want to display.

9. You can create a dropdown list for your products by clicking Optional Fields.

10. For example, you can create a dropdown for Size: Small, Medium, Large for your shopping cart.

Tip: The option field will be across all products within one category of products. If you would like to create different option fields for other products, create a category first that contain those products and then create a new shopping cart with the options you like.