Create a new XML Sitemap

There are basic 3 types of URLs of web pages in sitemap builder
1) URLs in sitemap.xml, which suggest to search engines to index them.
2) URLs in robots.txt, which suggest search engines to NOT to index them.
3) URLs neither in sitemap nor in robots.txt, which should not be visitable to a visitor or search engines.


1. Create a new project by selecting a destination and a name.

2. Select the link for Click here to download the information from the server... in order to start building the sitemap of your website.

Note: your website needs to already be on the internet in order to make the sitemap.


3. Enter the domain name of your website and click Next.

4. Fill in your ftp information to connect to your web hosting server. If you do not know your ftp information, please contact your web hosting provider for the information.

You can test your connection information by clicking Test this account.

5. Click Finish.

6. As the sitemap builder goes through your website, it will take some time to scan through it. The first time it scans your website may take up to a few hours depending upon how large your website is.

The small dots will signify if it is still working on the scan. Please be patient as it scans your website.

After the scan has been completed, a list of pages will appear on the screen where you can make further changes if needed.

The sitemap.xml tab will show you the contents of the file.


The robots.txt file will show you the contents of the file.