Create record files of selling downloads

You don't need to create record files unless you see the following error:

This server configure doesn't permit fopen( ) to create files.  

In this case, you need to create record files.

When selling downloads is set to "on", there are 2 record files that are created on the server. One file is for the sale records. The file name begins with sale. For security, the file name is random and very long and with .php as its postfix. The other file is for download records. The file name begins with down. The file name is random and very long too and with .php as its postfix. Both files are to go into the sub-directory on the server, which name begins with secret.

1. Select eCommerce from the left windowpane.

2. Select Show Advanced Options.

3. Scroll down and select Click here to generate 2 empty record files.

4. Browse and select where you want to save those files.

5. Open an FTP program such as FileZilla on your computer so that you can manually upload these files to your web hosting server.

6. Navigate on your web hosting server to find the folder starting with "secret".

7. Upload the 2 record files to the folder that were created on your computer.

Tip: If there are the same named files on your server already existing, skip the upload and do not overwrite.

8. After you have uploaded these 2 files, you will need to edit the property of them so that they can be automatically written in when a sale is made.

Do this for both files: select the file, right click and select File permissions or File attributes (depending which ftp software you use).

9. Change the value to be 606. This will set the permissions.