Create thumbnails for images to open to a new window

Ewisoft eCommerce Builder automatically creates thumbnails for your product images.

1. The first step is to add a larger sized picture in your product table. You can see this step in the add or modify products instructions.

Once you have a larger sized picture for your product you can proceed to configuring the Grid, List or Detail View to specify the width size you wish the thumbnail to be.

2. In the eCommerce menu, select Grid/List/Detail View.

It just depends on which view you will be using for your products. You don't need to configure all of them unless you will use all of the different views on your pages.

3. Either double click on the Picture attribute or select the attribute and click Modify.

4. In the optional settings area you can specify the thumbnail width for the image to be displayed.

If you select a width that is less than the original picture you added to your products, a thumbnail will automatically be created.

Then, when you view your page, there will be a hyperlink on your picture and when it is clicked, it will open a new window with the larger sized image.