eCommerce wizard

When you click the eCommerce link in the left windowpane or in the top menu eCommerce, you will be prompted to launch the eCommerce Wizard to help you through the shopping cart creation.


1. Select the eCommerce link in the left windowpane and click OK.


 2. Select the type of products you wish to sell and click Next.

  • Sell downloads online - you can sell mp3, photos, videos, software, documents or any type of electronic file.
  • Sell physical products online - you can sell physical products that you will ship to the customer.

3. Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account and click Next.

4. Select how you would like your products displayed and click Next.

  • Grid View - lists the products in multiple columns and rows.
  • List View - lists one product per row.

5. Enter the name of the page for your store and click Finish.

After the wizard has finished the sample products are placed on your Store page. Click the Store page to see the results.

You can edit the products by going to the eCommerce menu and selecting Products.