Import and export products from Excel

If you have products in an Excel spreadsheet you can copy and paste them into Ewisoft to fill up your product table.

Excel screenshot

1. Get your products ready in the Excel spreadsheet to match the fields that are inside Ewisoft.

The amount of columns or fields should match what you have setup in Ewisoft so that you can copy and paste equal amounts of column information.

You can copy and paste products both ways:

  • Ewisoft into Excel
  • Excel into Ewisoft

Ewisoft screenshot

2. In Ewisoft you can see an empty table.

3. Click Add.

4. Enter the number of products you wish to add. If your Excel file has 5 rows of products then input 5 as the number and click OK.

5. You will then see 5 empty rows. Now switch over to your Excel file.

6. In Excel, highlight the rows that you wish to copy. In this example there are 5 rows selected.

7. Press Ctrl-C on your keyboard or click Edit and select Copy.

8. Switch back over to Ewisoft so you can paste your products.

9. Click the first cell to highlight it and press Ctrl-V on your keyboard to paste.

10. You will then see the rows fill up with your products.

If you have information in the Picture column you will need to click on the Picture field, browse your computer to select the image for each product.

11. Click OK.

12. Click OK to confirm the products.