Link your product to a full detail view

You can create a link to a detailed view of a product. You can use this function if you want to first list your products at a high level and then have a link that will open the product to a full page detail view containing more information about the product.


1. First, create a new page in your website that will be the placeholder of the detailed view of the product.

2. On this new page, right click and select eCommerce so you can add your product to this page.

3. On the eCommerce view screen, select Product radio button, select the product from the dropdown list and click OK.

4. You will now see your product on that page in the Detail view.

Now you will need to link it from your high level product list.

5. In the eCommerce menu, select either List or Grid view. This depends on which kind of high level product page you are displaying.

6. Double click the item you want to link to the Detail product page. In this example choose ProductID.

7. Click the selection called Link to detail. This will automatically make the link.

8. When you preview your website now, you should see a link on the ID.

9. When you click on the link the new page you created will open your product in Detail view.