Manage customer records

Even though a customer has purchased a product from you, their record may need to be updated or even removed should there have been a refund involved. There may also be a need to change their email address or even a product exchanged. You can manage this in the customer record files.

1. On your computer, run an FTP program so you can connect to your web hosting server. If you don't have a FTP program, we recommend FileZilla Client.

Connect to your web hosting server with the FTP program. If you are unsure how to, please read their help files.

Find the directory with a name that starts with secret...

2. In the directory you will find a file that begins with sale... For security, the file name is random and very long and with .php as its postfix.

3. Download the sale record file to your computer.

4. You can make a copy of the .php file and rename it to .txt file so you can edit it easily in NotePad or Excel.

5. In one row, there are 5 items.

The first item is the download ID which starts with the date. You can edit the date to the current date if you wanted to. After the date there are 16 random characters. You can change some of the characters to make the download id unique if you wanted to but it isn't necessary as the id is automatically generated.

The second item is the product ID. You can update this product id if the customer wishes to exchange their product for another.

The third item is the customer's email. If your customer would like to have their email changed because their old email is no longer accessible or for any other reason, you can update it for them.

The fourth item is the PayPal transaction ID. It is good to have this as a cross reference in your PayPal account.

The fifth item is the customers name. You can edit their name if they request it.

If you had to refund a customer and don't want them to be able to download their product again, you can remove the entire line out of the record file.

When you have finished editing your sale record file, change the filename back to .php and upload it back to your web hosting server.

You may then ask your customer to visit your Self service page where they can have a new downloadable link sent to them.