Reorder products in a category

You can reorder products within a category.

1. In the eCommerce menu, select Categories.

2. Highlight a Category and click Modify.

3. Make a selection of how you would like to order them.

How would you like to order these products?

Same order as default - Add the products to this category the same order as they were added in your product table.
I will order them manually - Choose how you wish to order your products manually by moving them up and down in the product list.
Ascending by Attribute - Choose a product attribute to sort them in ascending order.
Descending by Attribute - Choose a product attribute to sort them in descending order.

If you selected I will select them, you will see a screen to select them by clicking and dragging your mouse. Or you can press ctrl on your keyboard to select a line here and a line there.

Click OK and confirm that you wish to add those products to the category.

If you selected I will order them manually, you will be brought back to the main category screen.

Either double click on the category or select a category and click Modify.

Click Reorder.

You can then select a product and move them Up or Down on the list.

If you selected Ascending by Attribute or Descending by Attribute you can select an attribute from the dropdown list.