Setup an email order form to send you a customer order instead of going through PayPal

Order products by using an email form instead of the PayPal system. This is a workaround solution to enable the eCommerce module to use an “order by email” function instead of using the integrated PayPal system. The orders can be submitted by email and therefore bypassing the PayPal system.


First we need to create a new attribute field that will be used for a customer to click (link) that will navigate them to the "Order Form".  This link will replace the Buy Now buttons that the eCommerce module automatically creates by default.

1. Go to the eCommerce menu > Attributes

2. Create a new attribute called "Order Form" with the Attribute type as Text.

Note:  A Text field will only hold up to 255 characters. Also, the html should contain the proper syntax such as quotes (") should be properly used.

HTML to insert into the OrderForm field:

To open to a new window, use this code:

<a href="order-form.htm" target="_blank">Order Form</a>

Not to open in a new window, use this code:

<a href="order-form.htm">Order Form</a>


We will add the link inside this new text field we created to each of the products in the Product table.

3. Go to the eCommerce menu > Products

4. Select all the products and click Modify

5. In the new field called "Order Form" we will add the html link that will point to the order-form.htm we will create later.

We will go to the Grid/List/Detail View settings so that we can add the new attribute to the display and to remove the Buy Now shopping cart button that is by default.


6. Go to the eCommerce menu > select either Grid/List/Detail View (depending on what you are using on your website).

7. Select the DefaultCart line and click Delete. This is to remove the Buy Now shopping cart button.

8. Select "Delete this field and all its settings." (you can add this again later if you need to). And click OK. Click OK to exit the screen completely.

We will add the new link we created for “Order Form” and add it to the list so that is shows on the Display/List/Detail View screen.


9. Go to the eCommerce menu > select either Grid/List/Detail View

10. Click Add. The Type attribute should be selected already, select OrderForm in the Name/Text field.

11. Click OK and the field OrderForm should show on the list now.

12. If you take a look at the Preview pane, you should now see the new attribute you created with the link for "Order Form" added to each product.

13. Click OK again to exit the screen.

We will create the Order Form now where your customers will navigate to so they can send an order to you by email.


14. Create a new page under your Store page and call it Order Form. Make sure the name of the page will match the attribute link you made earlier. You can check it by looking at the page properties screen. (Right click > Properties)

15. Also, create a new child page called Thank You for this form to go to after a customer has completed the form.

16. On the Order Form page, create the form as you need it to be. Please see our online help for how to create a form if you have not created a form before. The form should list your products in a way that your customers can select them.

17. Make sure you connect your Thank You page to this form by using the Result button in the Form Properties and going through the wizard screens.

You’re done. When you PUBLISH your website (the form needs PHP on your server to work), navigate to your Store page and you can click the link under your Products called “Order Form”. It will take the customer to the Order Form and it will send you an email with what the customer has selected. When they click SUBMIT on the Order Form, it will take them to the Thank You page.