Setup PayPal IPN

What is PayPal IPN?

When your PayPal account receives a payment, PayPal will notify you by calling a URL to your server. That method is called IPN, Instant Payment Notification. Your server can be called upon to send an email with the download link to the customer.

Why do I need IPN to sell downloads?

IPN is designed to be secure, reliable, and asynchronous. When you enable IPN, PayPal sends messages to the IPN URL you specify in your account profile. Even if the payment is pending, the IPN will still work. The best way to sell downloads is to use PayPal IPN and PDT together.

Tip: Before you setup your PayPal IPN, please be sure to change your shopping cart to "selling downloads" ON.

1. Selling downloads feature must be turned on first.

Click the link Please enter your website's domain.

2. Enter your website domain.

You will then see your website filled in as well as the IPN and PDT information that you need to plug into your PayPal profile.

3. Click the Copy link and login to PayPal.

4. After you log in to PayPal, follow these instructions to set up the IPN URL. Click Profile on the My Account tab.

5. Click My selling tools.

 6. In the Instant payment notifications section, select the Update link.




7. Click Edit settings.

8. Paste (Ctrl-v) in the URL that you copied from the ewisoft screen and click Save.

Proceed to the Setup PayPal PDT instructions.