Setup PayPal PDT (Payment Data Transfer)

What is PayPal PDT?

PDT (Payment Data Transfer) is a secure method to retrieve the details about a PayPal transaction so that you can display them to your customer when they return to your website after paying.

Why do I need PDT to sell downloads?

PDT method is secure and instant. After a customer pays you on the PayPal website, their bowser returns to your website and they can instantly view the email content with the download link. They don't need to wait for the email even though they will also be sent an email with the download link. The best way to sell downloads is to use PDT and IPN together.

1. After you have setup IPN in your PayPal account, go back into Ewisoft eCommerce Builder and select eCommerce from the left windowpane.

2. Click the Copy link next to the after-payment.php text so that you copy the entire URL.

3. Login to your PayPal account, click the Profile link.

4. Click My selling tools.

 5. In the Website preferences section, select the Update link.






6. Place your cursor in the Return URL field and press Ctrl-V to paste the after-payment.php URL into it that you had copied from ewisoft.

7. Scroll down to the Payment Data Transfer section and check that On is selected.

8. Highlight with your mouse the Identity Token and copy (Ctrl-C) the Identity Token.

9. Flip back over to Ewisoft and click on the empty link.

10. Place your cursor in the field and press Ctrl-V to paste the Identity Token. This is how your store and your PayPal account will talk to eachother.