Update product attributes

The eCommerce Wizard will automatically create 6 product attributes in your product table. These attributes can be edited to suit the kinds of products you will be selling. You may change the settings of these attributes or you may add more attributes for your products to display even more information about your products.

You can edit the attributes by clicking the eCommerce link in the left windowpane and in the right windowpane, click the Show Advanced Options link and it will open more options. Click add more product attributes.

ProductID - This is a mandatory field and needs to hold a unique value in the product table.
ProductName - This is a short name of your product.
Description - You can enter more text that describes your product.
Picture - You can display a picture of your product.
Price - This is where the cost of the product would be.
Downloads - This can hold an electronic file meant for "selling downloads". If you are selling physical products then you can make this attribute blank in your product table.


When you double click (open) an attribute you can update the attribute settings.

Attribute Type - You can choose the format of the attribute.

Make this field required - Choose whether you would like to make this attribute required.

Default value - You can specify a default value for an attribute so that as you add new products, the field will be filled in automatically. This is helpful when you have a list of products that have the same price.

When you Add a new attribute you can specify the type of information that can be entered into that field for your product.

Text - Allows you to enter text and numbers.
Number - Allows you to enter numbers only.
Image - Allows you to add a picture.
File - Allows you to add a downloadable file.