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Check out these demos to see how easy it is to build and manage your website using Ewisoft Website Builder. Click the videos below.

Create a new website

Create a website

The website wizard takes you through a few simple screens to start building your website. There are a few different sample websites that contain pages already started for you. Select a Template from the list. When you click on a template it will show you a preview of how your website can look. Next, you can start putting in your own text and images.

Customize template colors and styles

Change template colors and styles

Each template has styles and editable areas. Editable areas are places where you can edit the content. You can change background colors, fonts, hovered colors, border colors and background images until it looks the way you desire.

Edit text and images

Edit text and images

As you mouse over editable areas, you can click to edit the page. You can right click the mouse and choose if you want to edit the page using Microsoft Word or Ewisoft's Internal Editor. Start typing your text. You can also copy and paste text from other external documents.

Sell your products - shopping cart

Sell your products

You can use Ewisoft to build an online store. Not only can you sell physical products but you can also sell electronic files such as photos, ebooks or any kind of downloadable file. Your products are delivered to your customer automatically, in a safe and secure way. You may create multiple shopping carts for multiple categories of products.
View a live ecommerce demo

Edit your pages with an external editor

Edit your pages with external editor

If you already know how to use editors such as Microsoft Word, Ewisoft will launch that program to edit your pages. You can utilize all of Ewisoft's powerful functions without having to learn a new editing software which makes it really simple to use.

Create a spam-proof web form

Create a form

A web form is very useful for creating fields where someone browsing your website can enter information into. When a user clicks the Submit button, the information will get emailed to you. The most common use of this is a Contact form where a user can ask a question or leave some comments or suggestions for you. Ewisoft has built-in spam protection as well as other great customizable features.

Password protect pages

Password protect pages

Create pages that you wish to password protect from the public. You can create multiple Groups of users. This is useful if you have a set of pages that only one group is allowed to access and then you can create another set of pages for another group to access.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Building a search engine friendly website is key to having success on the Internet. When you create your content, the page checker will show you if your page needs more work in targeting your audience. This can help you have a greater chance of being listed at the top of search engine results.

Sitemap generator

Sitemap generator

With the click of a button you can generate a page that lists all the pages within your website automatically. This is a good page to have to provide a way for your visitors to look through the contents of your website. It is also great for search engines as they will find it easier to index through your website. Having a sitemap may improve your search engine ranking which is important to for visitors to be able to find you on the Internet.

Backup your website

Backup your website

With the click of a button you can save your entire website into one compressed file. Not only are your pages, images, and attachments saved -- all your project settings are also saved: website template, FTP settings, stylesheet (formatting) settings, navigation menu settings and website general settings.

Publish your website

Publish your website

Ewisoft has smart FTP functionality built-in so you don't need an external FTP program to upload your files to the internet. Also, it has enough intelligence to only upload pages that have been changed or added. You don't need to know where you put your images or download attachment files. It takes care of all of that for you.


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