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build an online storeEwisoft eCommerce Website Builder

Sell downloadable products
You can sell photos, ebooks or any downloadable files online and show the customer the download link automatically. A customizable email with a download link will also be sent to the customer's email address. Have a "Self-service" page where customers can get their products by email anytime without needing any assistance by you. Limit the download link with an expiration time and maximum download attemps. The download files are safe and secure. No coding needed.

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Integrated with PayPal
You can accept real-time credit card processing instantly with the built-in integration with PayPal.

Search engine optimized pages (SEO)
When building your pages they will be generated using search engine friendly page names. You can also edit your page names as you wish.

Powerful website builder
The eCommerce is an extension of our powerful website builder software. You get all the functionality from our website builder software to build as many pages as you like. Then, you can add your shopping cart to as many pages as you like. The flexibility and power of this software is unlike any eCommerce software out there today.

Import and export products from Excel
Simply copy and paste rows into your eCommerce product catalog or out to Excel.

Professionally designed templates
Choose from hundreds of premium website templates to display a professionally designed storefront. Flexible enough to change the colors, styles and fonts in the template you choose. If the template is not absolutely perfect for you, we will tweak it for free to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Unlimited number of products
Add as many products as you like into your catalog. Each product can be placed into an unlimited number of categories. You can make as many customized display fields for each product as you like.

Unlimited number of categories
Create as many categories as you like and add or remove as many products as you like.

Unlimited number of shopping carts
You can build different types of shopping carts so you can mix and match different shopping scenarios on your pages depending on how you wish to sell your products.

Different layouts for shopping cart pages
Customize how your products are displayed and how they look by changing colors, styles and fonts.

Create product thumbnails
Automatically create a preset size of an image that you specify to a thumbnail. When clicked on, you can have it open to a larger image.

Products sort order
Customers have the ability to customize how they view your pages by different sort orders such as: by product name, by price.

Integrate with other websites with any html editor
The shopping cart can be easily be integrated into an already existing website made by other editors such as Word, Dreamweaver, FrontPage etc. just by adding a couple codes to your website page.

Compatible with all web host providers
You can host your store with any web hosting provider on the Internet. It does not matter if your web host is running Linux or Windows and our software does not require any database.

Password protect pages
Create groups of users with unique usernames and passwords. Password protect a page of products for your resellers, affiliates, or special discounted rates.

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