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Re: More Ewisoft Templates

Postby Starlightgold77 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 6:06 pm

Its good u like the builder, casue I get no results at all.
Does anyone out here have a successful business because of Ewisoft builder? It sure isn't looking god for my business, I think its casue the templates are all old and out dated.
Can you make template with ferrets on them or one there are none on the net at all, and I am opening a business grooming ferrets.
Can you do that?
I am a breast cancer survivor since 2008 and my Granddaughter said it would be nice on the owners part to make a template that represents the fight against breast cancer like with the pink ribbon.
Even my granddaughter said they look old and out dated and her thing is they are plane and boring looking shes a teenager they see things better than we do.
Not a very good site builder anyway, and I am really sorry I ever purchased it in the first place, I only use it cause I don't want o waste my money.
The SEO feature does not work at all I checked my site on engines and only found it on one, you can't even include a mobile app in it.
This is absolutely one of the worst purchases I have ever made and believe me if I see something better than this I will jump right at it, and dump this one.
I am always looking.
Its Better to use content management system like wordpress.
Anything is better than this piece of junk
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