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Template maker Ewisoft Template Maker

Ewisoft Template Maker is a compliment to Ewisoft Website Builder. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can use Ewisoft Template Maker to convert website templates that can be plugged into Ewisoft Website Builder. This is a great tool for webmasters, web designers and power users.


  • Wizard and Classic modes.
  • Convert any HTML file (with its images, stylesheet, etc.) into a website template for Ewisoft Website Builder.
  • Templates contain protected regions so that users can only modify 'Editable Areas'.
  • Create a template with multiple navigation menu areas such as (1) navigation menu along the top, (2) along the left side, (3) along the bottom, (4) along the right side. It's up to you how many navigations you would like.
  • Reusable templates. If you converted a template and want to make changes to the protected areas, just reload your html file to create a new version of the template.

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