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Free XML Sitemap Builder

We believe this is the only completely free XML sitemap builder optimized for search engines that you can find on the Internet today. You can use this tool to build an automated search engine sitemap.xml file and robots.txt file for your website.

Most likely, you have heard about how important it is to have a XML sitemap created for your website but you are not sure how to do it properly or can't find the right tool to help you make one. 

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A carelessly built sitemap won’t benefit search engines or your website ranking. We have studied the various sitemap builders out there on the Internet and have found inconsistencies in their XML that may not improve your search engine positions at all.

The XML sitemap and robots.txt are used together to talk to search engines in the most effective way. This free XML sitemap builder will enable you to talk clearly and not be misunderstood by search engines to give you the best success at search engine ranking. Only a sitemap that is carefully organized with precise information may help search engines and your website ranking.


  • Optimized for search engines
  • Generates a sitemap.xml file and a robots.txt file at the same time
  • Supports canonical URLs which is the process of picking the best URL when there are several choices. This usually refers to home pages.
  • Fast when refreshing website content for modified pages
  • Full control of what has been generated with the ability to change the settings at any time
  • Ability to block individual pages and entire directories from search engines
  • Totally free without any time limitation

You can manually add invisible pages to the xml sitemap and block pages (adding them to robots.txt) so that you can precisely control every single URL in your website.

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