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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hide a page from the navigation menu?

I would like to create an internal link to a page that is not visible on one of our pages. i.e. The title  would be called Terms and Conditions and I would like to link to this without having to create a tab on the Nav menu or have it mentioned on any pages.

You can create a new page either on a 3rd level navigation if your template only shows 2 levels of navigation.
Or you can create a new page and hide it from navigation by right clicking page (left windowpane) > select Properties > select Advanced > select “not using menus”.
It will be hidden on PREVIEW and PUBLISH.

Is the username and password kept after a user leaves the website? 

When I password protect a page, a user can log-in but it seems that the logins are kept in the browsers cache and they do not need to login next time they go to the website.  How can I fix this?  And how can I have an auto-timeout feature which times logged-in users out after 10 minutes of in-activity?

The cookie is in the browser when a user is browsing but if they close all their browsers, next time they come to the site, they will be asked for their username and password again.
There is no time limiter. It is when the user closes all browsers.

Do you have a help book I can print?

How can I print Ewisoft Website Builder Online Help as a whole document?

I am afraid we do not have a book for our help files. However, you can run local help files by installing our "offline user guide" at the bottom of our Downloads page. After you downloaded and installed the "offline user guide" you can then run ewisoft and go to the HELP menu > select Help Mode > select Help File

How do I get the banner editable areas back?

I have lost the ability to edit the top parts of the banner like I used to have available. How can I get them back?

If you have used the Merge Header function and have changed your mind about it. You can get the header back to it's original state by going to the VIEW menu and selecting Split Header.

How can I change the eCommerce header text on my store page?

I have in the past few days published my web page, but have just noticed a problem with text on the "Store" page. Rather than displaying "Product ID" on the page, it reads "Template ID". How can I change that to read "Product ID"?

You can go to the eCommerce menu > select List View > double click on the ProductID field and change the Header Text to what you like it to say.

Can I setup my shopping cart to have an order placed by sending an email instead of PayPal?

Is it possible to create a cart and instead of a going to paypal it will send me an email with the order and quantities. I also need to add some customer information like name and surname and name of shop before sending the order. Can this be done?

We do have a workaround solution that I hope can work for you because at this time I am afraid we don't have an automated email solution for you. Please see this help file: Setup an email order form

Just wanted to check whether your e-commerce builder can be added to any website?

I already have a website and wanting to add an online store - inexpensively- can I do this with your software?

Yes, you can use the eCommerce builder on your website. Here is a help file with the instructions on how to set it up: Add a store to an external website

Can you give me some information on how easy or hard it would be for someone to either bypass the protection or find the password?

I have been using Ewisoft web builder for quite a while now and have been very pleased with the ease of creating a website. The site i have built is for a self help charity and now that everything is running very well i want to look at storing all of our minutes and treasury reports on a sub domain mostly as a back up but also for key people to be able to access them. There will be sensitive information such as names and address's which people will want to keep out of the public domain. Can you give me some information on how easy or hard it would be for someone to either bypass the protection or find the password?

The Ewisoft password protect function will protect the pages themselves but I am afraid they will not protect documents attached to those pages that are stored out there like doc, pdf, etc. What you can do is go into your web hosting control panel and create a new folder on your website like “members”. In your control panel make that folder secure with a username/password. That username/password will protect all the documents inside that folder from anyone on the public. Then, in ewisoft, on the page, change the link of the document to link to where the document is located on your web hosting server.

How do I control the picture properties?

When I change the Thumbnail Width and Height, the Normal Width and Height change to the same, automatically. Also, I can’t register different Width/Height in Thumbnail/Normal. They are always the same.

The thumbnail is a smaller representation of the larger image.
When you change the Thumbnail tab width and height, the image will be smaller on your page as it should be.
Then, click PREVIEW to view your page and you will see the thumbnail. Click the thumbnail picture and it will open the larger version of the image into a new window.

How do I control tables better?

I have found with this website, that when I use a table or not, I go to enter text and when I click the curser to the area I am going to put the text, It creates a box, the box is hidden until I highlight the text, whether to change the font or move it. It is not the box of the table. I find that I am not able to control the size of this box and it interferes with the use of the table.

When you insert a Table you can insert text into it and line up your images a little better than without a Table.
If you put your cursor inside the Table you can then click the TABLE button in the toolbar to open the properties of the table.
In the properties you can edit width etc.

If you find Tables inside ewisoft to be difficult to work with you can edit the page in MS Word instead.
To edit in Word, right click the page (right windowpane) select EDIT WITH WORD.

How come I don't see the SEO tab?

My problem is that I cannot see the (SEO) tab at the top of my page to use it. I mean in the other websites I have I can see (4 menus) (VIEW) (EDIT) (HTML) AND (SEO) AND in this one I do not. Why can I just see (VIEW) (EDIT) AND (HTML) for me it is really important to be able to to the SEO to this website.

When you create a new website in order for the SEO tab to show you would need to first click the “Search Engine Optimization” link in the left windowpane and fill out some information there. Then, the SEO tab will show on your page.

How do I customize the header of a template?

I have purchased professional template vg026 and I use the 3 column option. There is a logo on the left, a title in the middle and then editable space on the left. I would like to take the title in the middle and either type or supply my own image that introduces our website better.

What you can do is click to edit the Title on the template and a Visual Editor screen will open.
Click the tab "Merge". Select "Merge the header and display the editable area only".
Then, you can edit the top portion as you like.
If you decide you want to go back to the original format, go to the VIEW menu and select "Split header".


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