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Ewisoft Website Builder Image Slider

Add a sliding horizontal panel to your website to feature important pages on your website using Ewisoft Image Slider.

Step 1:

  • This is an online tool and therefore you will need to first upload your images to your web hosting server before creating the image slider.
  • To upload your images to your server, visit your web hosting provider control panel and login with the username and password they supplied you.
  • Navigate in your control panel to where your File Manager is located.
  • In the File Manager, you can upload your files manually by using their buttons to upload images to your server.
  • Upload the images to your web folder called /images/ . If you don't already have an images folder on your server, then you can create one. As an example it would be something like http: //www. yoursite.com/ images. That is where you can upload your images to.

Step 2:

  • Visit the Ewisoft Image Slider page.
  • Fill in the information, make your selections and enter the full URLs of the images that you uploaded in Step 1. Example: http: //www.yoursite.com/ images/ image1.jpg
  • After you have made all your selections and entered your information, click the Create button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:

  • When you click the Create button, it will bring you to a screen where you can copy the code needed for your Ewisoft page.
  • Click Select All to copy the code for the <head> section.
  • In Ewisoft, right click (left windowpane) the page you want to put the image slider and select Properties > Script.
  • Paste the code before </head> tag.
  • Go back to the Image Slider screen and click Select All to copy the code for the Body section.
  • In Ewisoft, click to edit your page. Click the HTML tab to go into the page code and paste the code you copied from the Create screen to where you would like the image slider to appear.
  • In Ewisoft, click Preview to properly view your slider on the page.


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