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Why choose Ewisoft Website Builder over an Online Website Builder

With more and more people looking to have their own Internet website, many web hosting providers and online companies have come to realize the importance and usefulness of a template-driven website builder.

But, what these companies don't tell you are the serious drawbacks of using an online website builder. Just think about this:  online website builders force users to build and store all their web pages online. This means that if the company's server is unstable or crashes, your website will, too. They claim their online website builders are easy to use but in reality they are still too complicated and difficult to use leaving a user more confused from when they started.

Ewisoft Website Builder is different. It operates similar to online website builders, but web pages are stored offline and locally on your computer's hard drive. Our website builder is template-driven, allowing users to safely and securely build a website in as little as five minutes and is really very easy to use. You can even edit pages using Microsoft Word. Ewisoft Website Builder maintains your website's formatting, keeping every page of your website consistent and organized.


Ewisoft Website Builder

Online Website Builder

compatible with all web hosting providers

optional external editor including Microsoft Word

automated - sell downloadable products

built-in search engine optimization tool

spam-proof and field validating web forms

automated sitemap generator

password protect pages

backup and restore entire website

multiple authors on one website

manage and maintain multiple websites

build as many pages as you like

completely customize website template

software runs offline

automated thumbnail creation

drag and drop design

easy to use

includes website templates

additional downloadable templates

easy text formatting

built-in FTP

built-in email forms

setup an entire website in minutes

one-click publishing

Advantages of Ewisoft Website Builder

  • Ewisoft Website Builder is compatible with all web hosting providers - If you choose to change web hosting providers, your website pages remain with you and can be easily brought over to the new web hosting provider. All your pages and settings are stored locally on your computer so they are safe, secure and intact.
  • Optional external editor including Microsoft Word - You can choose to edit your pages in your favorite external HTML editor including Microsoft Word. This enables you to not only utilize all of Ewisoft's powerful functions but also your external editor's functions such as Microsoft Word.
  • Backup and restore your entire website - With the click of a button you can save your entire website into ONE compressed file. Not only are your pages, images, and attachments saved -- all your project settings are also saved: website template, FTP settings, stylesheet (formatting) settings, navigation menu settings and website general settings.
  • Multiple authors on one website - Ewisoft Website Builder has the ability to allow multiple users to make edits on the website. Other companies may offer this ability but at a high cost.
  • Manage and maintain multiple website projects - You can manage and maintain multiple website projects giving you the power to easily switch from project to project -- each with their own project settings.
  • Build as many pages as you like - You can build as many pages you like. Ewisoft Website Builder makes organizing your pages easily by displaying your pages in a tree-like structure with multiple parent and child pages.
  • Completely customize your website template - Ewisoft Website Builder does not limit your selection of website templates. You can use any website template on the Internet and plug it into Ewisoft Website Builder. It gives you the freedom to customize your template any way you like.
    Template overview

Disadvantages of an Online Website Builder

  • Not compatible will other web hosting providers - If you choose to switch to a new web hosting provider, you will loose your website template and pages. You would need to manually copy and paste all your pages to a temporary place somewhere. This is very labour intensive as you basically have to rebuild your pages somewhere only to rebuild them again when you setup your website at the new web hosting provider.
  • Cannot use an external editor - You are forced to use the editor they provide you with their online website builder. This can be difficult to learn and may not be as flexible as you would like it to be.
  • Backup is very limited - If the online website builder provides a backup tool for your website, only your pages will be saved. You will loose all your website general settings, stylesheet (formatting) settings and more.
  • Only one author - Most online website builders limit you to one username and password to access your online account. This makes it very difficult to have another user make edits on your website.
  • Only one website - You are locked into building only one website. If you want to build another website, you will have to purchase another account. This can get very expensive.
  • Page limit to what you are allowed to create - Most online website builders limit you to a certain amount of pages. If you want to create more pages than your account limit, you will have to pay more for that ability.
  • Website template not very customizable - Most companies offer a range of website templates to choose from but alot of the template elements are not customizable. You are locked into their format and cannot change it. The only way to change an element in your template is to jump to another template and try to customize it to fit your needs. This can become very time consuming and frustrating.

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