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Customer Testimonials

We found this website builder software to provide easy to use templates that can be easily configured, quick publishing and trouble free interaction. Best of all, they have excellent after-sales and technical support services.
Nagendran from Malaysia

I had not realized how much behind the scenes work the ewisoft program does for me. What takes 2 minutes in ewisoft takes 30 minutes in the other program I recently tried. The other program allows details to be added and arraigned as I wish and I like that. But, it also requires that I take care of the details. In other words, every part of every page could be placed exactly where I wanted. BUT, it also required me to place every part of every page exactly where I wanted. A huge amount of work which ewisoft does for me. I am happily back with ewisoft.
John from Oregon

Thank you very much for such a "lightning" response and assistance regarding my full Ewisoft Website Builder version 5. I got the new code and working again as per normal. It is always a pleasure to deal with such a professional team with so much enthusiasm and commitment.
Tom from Australia

Just a quick note to say wow! Your website builder product is just brilliant. Managed to get what I wanted done really fast and without any pain at all. Everything just worked first time. Thank you so much.
Elle from the UK

You are amazing! This is something that goes far beyond any other customer service I know. Thank you very, very much.
Pieter from the Netherlands

I just wanted to say that before I found this website builder I looked everywhere for something that I liked without success and then I found ewisoft and found 2 templates that I liked and couldn't decide which one!  Also, I've raised a few tickets with you since the purchase and have found your service to be fantastic, always very prompt and always helpfull. Thank you. I will add a link on my website to the ewisoft website because I really appreciate your help. Thank you again.
Tayana from Australia

I just wanted to thank all of you and let you know how much I do appreciate all of the help all of you gave me with the website builder. Your service and support is really amazing. I have and will continue to highly recommend your company to others.
Malcolm from Burlington, Ontario

That's fantastic, what brilliant service.  Please pass on my thanks to all concerned.  Seriously.  Prompt response to my initial query, then to turn round a fix in less than 24 hours, if only other software vendors provided the same level of service.  I think I'll e-mail my PC magazine of choice and recommend you!

Must say, the new, updated version of Ewisoft Website Builder is an excellent product especially since Corporate templates are included in "for free" :) I used one and my web page improved 100%. In over all, EWB with eCommerce addition as package, is excellent value for money and excellent product. Mind you, 10 months ago, I couldn't believe that I will be able to accomplish impossible LOL, I don't have any HTML or web developing knowledge, yet with ewisoft web builder I am able to build respectable web page.
Tom from Australia

I LOVE IT!  It does exactly what I was hoping for. I could not be more excited about your product.  I am leaving the promotional link on my site because I think people should know about it. Thanks so much.  This product is really amazing, and your service is great.
Donna from Georgia

Just wanted to sincerely thank you for your easy-to-follow and exact answers to my last two questions about the hex color codes and the clock code. I especially appreciate that you were willing to answer a question--about the clock code--that is, strictly speaking, not part of the Ewisoft program. To me, that's exceptional customer service. I've mentioned it to several people and recommended that they do business with Ewisoft as a result of my experiences with the website builder.
Jimmy from Albuquerque

This is an excellent product - I am not an HTML expert or web developer and working with Word makes it very easy to set up the framework - Thank you for your innovation. (Also,) I just wanted to let you know I read your (search engine optimization secrets) book - it is excellent. I am much smarter about search engines and structuring my website than I was before. It gives me an excellent foundation and also tells me how much I still don't know. It will allow me to develop a decent foundation for my site before I bring on one of your consultants ...that way working together we should be able to create an excellent site.
Nancy from North Carolina

Thanks so very much for the absolutely fantastic after sales service quick, reliable, to the point and solutions that work!
Paul from Warsaw, Poland

We bought this software although our web host offered an online builder. We have found this software extremely useful and have a permanent link on the left of our menu. Anyone that asks we have no hesitation in telling them how great this program is. We always thought building a website would be an impossibility but ewisoft helped us realise a dream.
Robyn from South Australia

Thank you so very much for your help once again. I have been exceptionally more than pleasantly surprised by both the speed and quality of the responses to my queries.  A most refreshing change to what I am used to!  I have even mentioned how good Ewisoft's Customer Service is on my blog.  You have been a most patient and enormous help with things.
Hazel from London, UK

Just for the record, ... you should win an award, been looking for something like this for years! Easy, simple and straight FWD to the normal joe! keep it up and good luck.
Raymond from California

Thank you for all of your time ...and kudos to your entire organization.  I have worked on website programs in the past...and yours is far by the best!  It is fast, very friendly-user....I love it!  And thank You especially for all of the time you have spent with me.
Debbie from Virginia

It worked. Your co-operation and efforts to genuinely assist are much appreciated. This is what we call excellent service.
S. Mataitsane from Africa

I needed a quick, good looking site up for by next week.  Our CEO is going to a conference and will be giving out the new web site address, your product has saved me a lot of time and effort.  Being a brand new startup, with little capital and time, this is exactly what I needed.
Tammy from United States

I am quite happy with your service, and all the support you have given me and my team, and the good news is that, you should have a customer here for many years to come, plus we will certainly be happy to recommend your services. Keep up the good work.
Alberto from Spain

Your service has been so much better than what I have had for similar work elsewhere.  I already love the Ewisoft program for its simplicity, and now I will be recommending it even more highly.
Fiona from Australia

I really can't thank you enough for your help.  I can't imagine getting tech support from any other company after 1:00am on a Sunday morning.
Kristin from Georgia

If is wasn't for you, I would NOT have my current web site nor would I be the proud owner of Ewisoft Website Builder. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You So Much for all your help.
Brent from California

I put off building a website because it is so time consuming. Then I came across Ewisoft. In a few minutes I had a simple site up that I continue to build upon. It is extremely easy and actually fun to build using Ewisoft. Thanks for making such an easy to use product!
Don from Texas

I would not have had a website operational in this timeframe without your products .. before using Ewisoft I tried so many other products, ... and nothing came even close in terms of basic features and ease of use, to what you have been able to build into your products.  Your claims to be able to get a basic website operational in 5 minutes are absolutely true, and for the amount you charge, the value is phenomenal.  I am very happy with my website and I simply could not have achieved this without your products and - on the very rare occassions I asked for it - your friendly and prompt assistance during its setup.  Your Ewisoft Website Builder is a great product.
Robert from Australia

I am so pleased to have gotten my image (website) out there and you have been the reason it has happened so quickly. Again, I am so appreciative.
Cassie from California

The website is working great and we've gotten really good feedback - thanks!
Mary from Texas

I am thrilled with your program!  I was using a web based program that came with my hosting package and it was so slow and very user UNfriendly.  I am loving Ewisoft and telling my friends about it.  And the support forum is great - I've already used it to solve a problem I was having.  Don't mean to ramble on, but I just wanted to offer my thanks and whole hearted recommendation for Ewisoft.
Helma from Wyoming

My website looks great.  What a nice professional job...exactly what I was looking for.
Robert from Texas

I'm so happy to report to you that my Web Site is now doing everything that I have always wanted it to do and it is doing it with Ewisoft Website Builder.
Brent from California

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and speed of your service. Maybe someday I'll be as good as you.
Mike from United Kingdom

This is great! Thanks for helping me. The layout is exactly what I was wanting.
Peter from Australia


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